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Another attempt at forcing gender theory in the workplace

A campaign by the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services called THEY Day is a waste of taxpayer funds and a dangerous experiment of political correctness, said the Australian Christian Lobby.

Now a recurring event, the first Wednesday of each month is dedicated as an awareness day for gender pronouns. Employees are asked to wear pronoun badges, state preferred pronouns when meeting new people, refer to everyone in ‘neutral subject pronouns’ as often as remembered, and ‘imagine gender without such restrictive binaries’. 

ACL’s Victorian Director, Dan Flynn said: “This is a shocking waste of departmental resources and time which can undoubtedly be put to better use. 

“It is absolutely absurd for a government department to utilise limited resources to promote something wholly irrelevant to the day to day work of the department. 

“Comments made by Dr Son Vivienne in a YouTube video promoting THEY Day are particularly concerning; ‘For children in particular to grow and be rich and complex people who are different selves on different days is one of the things I like. They has a playfulness with a plural there which I think is truer to our identities and our lived everyday lives.’ 

“It’s tragic that the Victorian public service can be used as a vehicle to encourage radical gender theory within the workforce, silencing those who believe in male female gender.” commented Mr Flynn.

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