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Canberrans say “NO” to forced takeover of Calvary Hospital at packed public meeting

Hundreds of people packed the emergency “town hall” meeting tonight at St Christopher’s Cathedral in Canberra to object to the forced takeover of Calvary Hospital.

Jeremy Hansen, Acting Opposition Leader for the ACT Liberals, said the undemocratic land and asset grab of the Catholic-owned facility had commenced.

Wendy Francis, Acting CEO of the Australian Christian Lobby called on attendees to take strong action against this takeover. She said, “The proposed takeover of Calvary creates a clear precedent for other governments to seize faith-based services like education and aged care.”

John Steenhof, Managing Director of the Human Rights Law Alliance added,

“The ACT Government obscures its institutional animus towards Christianity behind a supposedly ambitious planning agenda. We have a cast of interchangeable politicians and bureaucrats all intoning about ‘efficiency’ and ‘integration’ to numb the public to the extreme, abrupt, and ideologically led compulsory acquisition proposal.

“The ACT government will soon introduce some of the most extreme euthanasia laws in the world,” Mr Steenhof continued. “One of the key barriers to the compelled universal roll-out of euthanasia on both the willing and unwilling is Calvary.”

It was clear from tonight’s packed hall that Canberrans are saying “NO” to the Labor-Greens Soviet-style takeover of Calvary Hospital.

After tonight’s meeting, Wendy Francis said, “Calvary Hospital is life affirming from conception to natural death. It’s failure to provide elective abortions and euthanasia is an affront to the ACT Labor-Green’s government which is now attempting to crush dissent with its rushed compulsory acquisition.” 

[Pictured (L-R): James Milligan MLA, Wendy Francis, Acting CEO ACL, Jeremy Hanson MLA, John Steenhof, Principal Lawyer Human Rights Law Alliance, Peter Cain MLA, Dan Flynn, Deputy Director ACL, Nikki Aben, ACT Coordinator ACL.]

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