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Cass Review Findings Means Medicalisation of Aussie Kids Must Stop

The Cass Review Final Report released today makes it clear that the medicalisation of sex confused children has no evidence base. In light of the Report, the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) calls for medicalisation of Aussie kids to stop immediately and for Federal and State governments to urgently establish comprehensive inquiries into the treatment of sex confused or gender dysphoric kids. 

Christopher Brohier the ACL Director of Policy and Research said: 

“Some key findings of the Final Report include: 

Mr Brohier said “Australian gender clinics operate in contradiction to these findings,and use medicalisation as the standard pathway to the long term harm of kids, particularly teenage girls. The irreversible harm being done to these kids as a medical experiment is a medical scandal which must cease immediately. All governments must establish urgent independent inquiries into the care for sex confused kids. How many more kids are to be damaged before we act?” 

He said “In the light of the Final Cass Report, the medical profession’s peak bodies must act to stop the affirmation model of treatment, which is causing great harm.” 

The ACL calls on State governments and the Federal Government to stop the medicalisation of sex confused children and establish comprehensive and independent inquiries. Our kids deserve no less.  

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