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Elephant in Room Finally Addressed

Following thousands of Australians taking to the streets on Saturday, calling on the Albanese government to end violence against women, the government has today pledged, amongst other strategies, to introduce age-verification technology in a bid to stop young boys gaining access to violent pornography and other inappropriate material that contributes to the domestic violence pandemic. 

Commenting on the welcome announcement, Wendy Francis, National Director of Politics for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), said, “We welcome the Government’s decision, but urge them to waste no time in the implementation. For too long, pornographers have had an open hand in targeting and grooming our nation’s children. The ACL has been one voice amongst many advocacy groups who have campaigned against women’s exploitation through pornography. 

“Pornography objectifies women, the majority depicting violence against women, creating a mental legitimacy for sexual violence against women. This is backed by numerous studies on the link between violence against women and pornography.  

“With today’s acknowledgement of the link between pornography and violence against women by the Government, they must act quickly and decisively. The future wellbeing of our nation’s children is at stake. Age-verification legislation will be a positive step in turning around the menace of children’s exposure to pornography, reported by the Australian Institute of Family Affairs to happen from 9 years of age or even younger. From the youngest of ages, our young Australians are being moulded into potential offenders of DV.”

The ACL calls on the government to act quickly to implement age verification technologies.

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