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Gender Ideology Another Cause for Distress in Generation Alpha

Media has given a lot of attention of late to the plight of adolescents in our digital age including the 7NEWS SPOTLIGHT feature of the gaming addiction epidemic on 10 May, and the Townsville Bulletin report on Aussie teens “pulling knives out” when their parents threaten to cut off Wi-Fi. 

No doubt, addiction to screen-time impacts a child’s cognitive development, mood regulation, social adaptability, education outcomes, and above all – mental health. But there are considerations missing in SA Premier Peter Malinauskas’ move to ban social media for under 14’s – protecting children from sexualised transactivist content, removing  gender ideology which has infiltrated South Australian schools and launching an inquiry into gender affirming treatment of kids 

“The mental health of Generations Z and Alpha is exhibiting a significant decline compared to previous generations”, says Ashlyn Vice, South Australian State Director for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL). 

“Screen-addiction and the introduction of unproven and confusing ideologies in our education system which encourage excessive introspection and celebrate irreversible, sterilising transgender surgeries, are partially responsible for that”. 

Miss Vice continued, “The basis for teaching gender ideology is entirely experimental – as has been proved by the Cass Review – and in response, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is banning its inclusion in school curriculums”. 

“This move by Prime Minister Sunak is a significant example of strong leadership to protect the wellbeing and lives of young people. Teaching children that gender is on a ‘spectrum’ is having destructive consequences, with research now recognising that gender dysphoria has become a social contagion”. 

“NewsCorp’s Petition to restrict social media for children is aptly named Let them Be Kids. If we are going to guard children from open access to social media due to its impact on mental health and body image, let’s also have a look at the content we are forcing upon them in sex education. Never before has a generation been so exposed to sex, critical identity theories, and subjective ideals of gender. 

“SA continues to condone an affirmation-approach to gender dysphoria, despite European countries moving to ban puberty blockers in view of emerging evidence. Mr Malinauskas must show leadership and stop the use of puberty blockers pending an inquiry.” 

The ACL supports the Hon Sarah Game MLC’s move to ban gender ideology from South Australian schools and increase parents’ say in content taught to their children. The ACL also calls on the Premier to support an inquiry into gender affirming treatments. 

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