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Greenwich’s “Equality” Bill Overwhelmingly Rejected by 85% in Stunning Rebuk

In a resounding repudiation, a staggering 85% of NSW residents have completely
rejected Independent MP Alex Greenwich’s highly controversial Equality
Legislation Amendment (LGBTIQA) Bill 2023, according to a parliamentary
inquiry survey of over 13,000 people, as reported in the Daily Telegraph.

Unsurprisingly, 82% of respondents also oppose the bill’s radical provisions
allowing 16-year-olds to consent to irreversible medical treatments without any
parental knowledge or involvement.

“This is an unprecedented and unmistakable denunciation of Greenwich’s extreme
agenda,” said Wendy Francis, National Director for Politics at the Australian
Christian Lobby. “The people of NSW have sent an unequivocal message — this
reckless bill must be stopped in its tracks.

“The far-reaching legislation would permit anyone to change their legal sex on
official documents based solely on self-declaration, scrap medical requirements for
sex changes, allow prostitution near schools and churches, facilitate the
exploitation of women through overseas commercial surrogacy, and eliminate
crucial female-only protections and services.

“The medical community is also voicing grave concerns. Genspect, an alliance of
doctors and health experts, said it was “dismayed” that the bill is proceeding
despite overwhelming public opposition.”

“The public have clearly expressed their opposition to the introduction of gender
self-ID and amendments that make it easier for minors to access puberty blockers
and cross-sex hormones without parental consent, but the government appears not
to be listening,” Genspect spokeswoman Jude Hunter was quoted saying in the
Daily Telegraph.

The bill also flagrantly disregards mounting international medical evidence, such
as the pivotal Cass Review in the UK, which exposed serious risks and
uncertainties in the “gender-affirmative” approach to treating children.

“While other countries hit the brakes on paediatric gender transitions amid
alarming new findings, NSW is recklessly fast-tracking these harmful experiments
for distressed kids. It’s state-enabled medical abuse,” Ms Francis cautioned.

Women’s advocates also denounced the bill, with Binary Australia’s Kirralie Smith
labelling it an “extreme” bill that would grant “any man claiming to be a woman”
unchecked access to female-only areas, jeopardising women’s safety and dignity,
according to the Telegraph report.

“The sheer scale and intensity of opposition to this bill from every sector of society
— average citizens, women’s groups, concerned parents, medical professionals,
faith leaders – is absolutely thunderous. Together they expose this bill to be a
fringe, rainbow activist-driven agenda completely out of step with mainstream
values,” Ms Francis said.

“On behalf of the silent majority, the Australian Christian Lobby implores every
MP to respect the decisive will of the people and reject this extremist bill outright.
The public have roared an emphatic ‘No’ — now it’s time for politicians to prove
they’re listening.”

Reference: Bye, C. (2024, June 7). MP Alex Greenwich’s Equality Bill soundly
rejected by public. The Daily Telegraph.

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