Media Release

Anti-Church restrictions must go: Christian Lobby

The Victorian Government’s restrictions on churches and other faith groups are a disproportionate response to the COVID-19 risk and amount to religious discrimination, the Australian Christian Lobby said on Friday.

“This is particularly so in regional Victoria,” Australian Christian Lobby spokesman Dan Flynn said. “Restricting churches there to 10 worshippers outdoors until November goes far beyond the pale. Why on earth can restaurants and cafes host the same number of people indoors, but churchgoers have to stay outdoors?”

“Why have churches, mosques, synagogues and the like been picked on? Faith groups have been arbitrarily targeted at worst or been a distant afterthought at best. The farce surrounding administering last rites this last week is a perfect example.

“This form of direct and indirect attack on religious freedom is precisely why the ACL has been campaigning for years for religious freedom protections.

“The ACL calls for churches and other faith groups to be granted the same grace that hotels, cafes and restaurants have been given.”


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