Media Release

Close brothels: government COVID-19 restriction must be consistent

The Australian Christian Lobby has today called for the government to make a clear statement that brothel activity must be completely shut down. Last night the government issued an unprecedented mandatory closure of pubs, clubs, churches, indoor sporting venues, nightclubs, casinos, gyms and theatres to limit the COVID-19 crisis.

“The simple question is – are brothels, and even massage parlours that operate in the greyer areas of the law, banned?” ACL spokesperson Wendy Francis asked, “It would be absolute nonsense to suggest ‘social distancing’ could occur in these facilities. Brothel ‘customers’ are a danger to all those they subsequently come in contact with, including shopping assistants and family members.”

Brothel regulation differs from state to state and in the territories and can occur off business premises within someone’s home.

“The safety of those offering sexual services must also be considered,” Mrs Francis concluded, “Prostitution during the COVID-19 crisis must be banned. As ACL has consistently advocated, governments must also provide exit strategies for people in prostitution, such as those legislated in France, Sweden, Canada, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Israel and Norway.”


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