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South Australian MPs may lose seats if they support Abortion to Birth Bill

Members of Parliament, in matters of conscience, must pay close regard to the views of their constituents.

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) today said,

“Marginal seat members of the SA Parliament, especially in seats like King and Newland, who vote for the Abortion to Birth proposal in the Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2020 are in danger of losing their seats.”

Mr Christopher Brohier, the SA State Director, explained,

“ACL’s polling in the northern metropolitan areas where seats like King and Newland are, shows that an overwhelming majority of people are opposed to late term abortion and gender selection abortion. Yet the current bill permits both.

“The sitting members in seats like King and Newland must reject these aspects of the bill and vote for amendments which will prohibit late term abortion (save to preserve the life of the mother) and gender selection abortion, or they risk losing their seats at the next election.” 

Mr Brohier said the ACL is committed to reminding voters in marginal seats up to the election of any sitting member who votes for abortion to birth. The ACL is confident that many voters will not vote for any member who votes for abortion to birth, regardless of the views of the other candidates. 

The ACL calls on all members of Parliament to reject the Abortion to Birth proposal in the bill and to support amendments which will only allow abortion after 22 weeks and 6 days if it is to preserve the life of the mother.


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