Media Release

Charity endures the flames of disaster

The Australian Christian Lobby has commended volunteers and charitable Australians assisting those impacted by current heatwaves and bushfires.

“We grieve for the loss of our fellow Australians in these fires and honour the bravery of all firefighters and volunteers,” ACL spokesman Dan Flynn said this morning, “We pray that no more lives are lost, that these threats diminish, for rain and an outpouring of practical help and compassion.”

“In this immense trial of the Australian spirit and character, so many are responding charitably, courageously and selflessly.” Mr Flynn added.

Mr Flynn noted that Christians and non-Christians alike have fought fires, offered refuge and raised funds for those affected by disasters, saying “Christian compassion has been on powerful display, from offering churches as a cool place to escape heatwaves, volunteering to fight fires far from home and checking in on family, neighbours, strangers and animals”.

Mr Flynn concluded, “The ACL encourages Australians to do everything they can to help, in prayer and in deed.”

(This Media Release was issued nationwide on Friday 20 December 2019)

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