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Avalanche of families seek inquiry into trans kids rush

This week over 7,000 Australians have written to their state and federal health minister seeking an independent inquiry into the surge in children being referred to ‘gender clinics’.

“We have been inundated with people telling us they’re so alarmed by the gender clinic referral surge that they want an independent, national inquiry,” Australian Christian Lobby’s spokesman Dan Flynn said today.

“We commend Health Minister Hunt for putting some concerns on the national health agenda. This social contagion must be swiftly addressed in an inquiry that impartially analyses the Australian and international evidence. There are serious, lifelong personal and ethical ramifications of putting children on puberty blockers and cross sex hormones.”

“The UK is protecting children by proposing a ban on gender surgery before 18 years of age. The federal government and parliament must support the calls from Brisbane-based global Asperger’s expert Dr Attwood, the National Association of Practising Psychiatrists and over 7,000 Australians for an inquiry into this social contagion.” Mr Flynn said.


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