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20,000 sign to urge A-Gs to oppose assisted suicide on Friday

The Australian Christian Lobby said today that over 20,000 Australians have signed a petition to the Federal and State Attorneys-General, ahead of their meeting tomorrow, urging them to not to allow telehealth for assisted suicide and to not allow assisted suicide for kids. Over 20,000 signed the petition in under a week.

Christopher Brohier the ACL National Director of Politics said “This tremendous response shows that the Australian community does not want our parliamentarians to make suicide more accessible. The Commonwealth Criminal Code Act 1995 contains offences which mean that information about administering the assisted suicide poisons cannot be communicated by telephone or video conference. This must not be changed.”

Mr Brohier said “Assisted suicide advocates like to say assisted suicide is not suicide. However, it  sends a message to vulnerable people that their lives are not valuable and that they may be better to end them. That insidious message must not be strengthened by changing Commonwealth law.”

The ACL also said that we must do everything to tell young people that their lives are worth living; that they are of infinite worth as being in the image of God. Moves to make assisted suicide available to those under 18 are abhorrent and must be rejected.

The ACL calls on our chief law officers to promote the value of each Australian and so reject any easing of assisted suicide regimes.


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