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Child abuse warnings must be a top priority for politicians

Mr Albanese’s statements that sexual abuse of children shouldn’t be used as a political issue, nor should it be investigated by a politician are of great concern to the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) who believe such matters should be a top priority for all politicians.

ACL’s acting CEO, Wendy Francis, said, “The underlying danger in Mr Albanese’s comments is that they imply that politics is the wrong arena to discuss the protection of children. It is right for Mr Dutton to raise his concerns in this regard and absolutely imperative that all politicians have, as their top priority, the protection of our nation’s children.

“The safety of children is of paramount importance in all of ACL’s work. It is why we continue to campaign for child safety measures such as age verification legislation to protect them from being groomed by sexually explicit content online.”

ACL calls on the government to revisit the safety measures for children recommended by a bi-partisan committee in the Protecting the Age of Innocence report issued in February 2020.


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