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War on COVID-19 requires solidarity

Following Labor’s criticism of the government’s COVID-19 strategy on Wednesday, the Australian Christian Lobby today called on Australians – including politicians – to unite behind the Prime Minister’s leadership at a time of crisis.

ACL Managing Director, Martyn Iles, said that the Opposition Leader could take a leaf out of the book of Labor legend John Curtin, who took a cooperative approach during early war efforts and stared down elements of his own party.

“This is no World War II, but it is a national crisis, and John Curtin’s example is a good one,” said ACL Managing Director Martyn Iles.

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison is doing an incredible job in very testing circumstances,” said Mr Iles today from isolation after his return from the USA. “In America, I saw tragic disunity in parliament at a time of crisis and that must not happen here. Divided leadership will create a divided community, which makes the crisis harder to manage.”

“For all Australians, this is a time to adopt an old-fashioned ethic of honouring leadership for the common good, which requires putting aside both political and personality differences.”

“It would be different if the government’s handling of the situation was manifestly inadequate, but that’s not what this is about. It’s bickering over how best to calibrate trade-offs between health and the economy.”

“Labor has a dominant voice in National Cabinet via Premiers and Chief Ministers. Precious public morale, calm and solidarity are aided by everyone getting behind the Prime Minister’s responses to this deadly crisis,” said Mr Iles.

The ACL urges Australians to honour and pray for our leaders at this time.


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