Media Release

Federal Election Field Campaign A Success ​

The most recent predictions by the ABC’s election computer shows the Coalition has secured majority government with at least 77 seats including Bass, Chisholm and Boothby.

Managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby, Martyn Iles said, “This election has proved to be a great demonstration of ACL’s successful field campaign.” 

“We ran a highly targeted campaign focusing on seats including Petrie, McMahon, Bass, Chisholm, Boothby and Canning to demonstrate the impact of key messages on a booth by booth basis.” 

The Australian Christian Lobby’s campaign included phone canvassing, doorknocking and hundreds and thousands of leaflets letterboxed by an army of supporters, alongside an extensive digital campaign.

“The results we have seen so far show that ACL’s campaign impacted the outcome of this election.” 

“The swings we have seen in these key marginals is partly on account of Labor’s policies which undermine religious freedom, parent’s rights, and pushed a radical social agenda out of step with mainstream Australian values.” 

“We have even seen an unprecedented 6.5% swing against Labor’s Chris Bowen in McMahon,” commented Mr Iles. 

“Saturday’s result is a personal mandate for Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Coalition to unify Australia on issues like religious freedom.”  

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