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A most abhorrent form of discrimination

The Federal Government’s move to deport a refugee family because their son, Aaryan, has Down Syndrome is an abhorrent example of disability discrimination according to the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL).

ACL’s National Director of Politics, Wendy Francis, said, “The message that this heartless action sends to all Australians with a disability is that they create a burden on society. This young boy is not a burden to society, rather he is a blessing. People with Down Syndrome are often associated with a sense of peace and loving acceptance of everyone. Surely Australia could do with a little more of that attitude.  

“Aaryan’s parents contribute strongly to Australian society. Aaryan attends a mainstream private school where he is thriving. With just a mild delay in speech and a mild intellectual handicap, he is fully self-sufficient in regards to daily functioning.

“Aaryan was 4 years old when the family immigrated to Perth. His sister was 2. This is the only community they know. To deport this family is cruel and un-Australian. Some are asking if the government are wanting to eliminate Down Syndrome from our society?

The ACL calls on the Immigration Minister, Andrew Giles, to immediately halt the proceedings to deport this family and to move them onto the pathway to permanent residency.


(Photo by ABC News)

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