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Christian conscience against WorldPride highlighted at Kwik Kopy

Backlash over print shop owner, Wing Khong, declining to print flyers for an official pride event based on his religious beliefs has highlighted the need for religious discrimination laws in NSW, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

ACL’s NSW Director Rob Norman said, “The violation of a person’s conscience can cause serious psychological injury. No-one should be forced to participate in something that contradicts their religious beliefs.

“There is no hierarchy in human rights. Mr Khong’s mainstream religious beliefs, whilst unprotected by NSW law, are no less deserving of respect than other rights.

“The way forward that inflicts the least harm on all parties was simply to choose another printer. There are countless other print shops that would do the printing, which is what has occurred.

“Despite media hype using inflammatory language such as a gay hate row in reference to this case, there was nothing hateful in the email sent by the franchisee to the customer explaining that he could not take this particular job because of his biblical beliefs and asking for mutual respect.

“Christians are facing increased hostility because of their decisions of conscience.”

In the leadup to the NSW election, the Australian Christian Lobby urges the NSW Premier and Opposition Leader to commit to a Religious Discrimination Act that provides real protection for people of faith.  



* Photo by 9news

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