Media Release

NSW’s sudden action on churches should be a national template for easing COVID-19 restrictions

The Australian Christian Lobby said on Tuesday that NSW lagging church COVID-19 restrictions behind pubs, clubs and restaurants failed the ‘pub test’. Late Thursday, the NSW government got back on track by lifting restrictions on worship services, weddings and funerals, ACL spokesman Dan Flynn said.

“The change in direction comes after religious groups and members of parliament applied pressure on the government to include religious gatherings and places of worship on the same footing as pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants.

“Around the nation, state governments are understandably focused on public health and restarting the economy,” Mr Flynn said, “However, loneliness and the attendant social, emotional, mental and spiritual impacts of isolation must be addressed, and churches offer a free service to do so.”

“The ACL is calling for other states to ease restrictions for churches in line with restrictions on pubs, clubs and restaurants.”


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