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NSW detransitioner legal case is just the tip of the iceberg

Sydney woman, Jay Langadinos, is suing her former psychiatrist for professional negligence over transgender treatment she began as a teenager. By the age of 22, Ms Langadinos had her breasts and womb surgically removed in an attempt to identify as male. Now 31 and no longer identifying as male, she faces the rest of her life sterile and with regret.

Wendy Francis, National Director for Politics of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), said “The bravery of young Australians such as Jay Langadinos and Ollie Davies, speaking publicly of their gender change regret must be heard. State governments such as Tasmania, South Australia and NSW are currently being pressured by activists to mandate affirmation therapy for gender confused children and young people.

“The damage inflicted on vulnerable children and young people is likely to be the biggest medical scandal of this century. Ms Langadinos may be the first legal case in Australia, but there are 1000 families in the UK taking legal action against London’s Tavistock clinic. It is time for Australian governments to stop and consider.”

Solicitor Anna Kerr, of NSW’s Feminist Legal Clinic, who referred Langadinos’ case to legal firm Slater and Gordon, believes the legal action is “likely to be the tip of the iceberg We can expect to see extensive litigation in future years related to gender-affirming cross-sex hormones and surgeries”.

The ACL urges our Federal government to conduct a formal, independent, Parliamentary inquiry to investigate what should be the foundation of medical best practice in treating gender confusion in children and young adults. 


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