Media Release

NT government’s green light to unwelcome red light districts

A staggering 84% of Territorians objecting to brothels in their neighbourhoods or rural areas wasn’t enough for the Gunner government to reject a two-person brothel system. Disregarding significant community concern, the NT Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics has approved the two-person brothel model via a Planning Scheme Amendment to the Sex Industry Act, despite opposition from 101 out of 120 submitters to the Planning Commission.

“This is a terrible outcome for families, women and prostituted people,” ACL NT director Wendy Francis said. “With the NT election only seven weeks away, the ACL calls on all candidates to commit to reforming this legislation. Territorians must vote for those who will support family values and protect the most vulnerable.”

The ACL notes that  the Opposition , highly respected and longstanding MP Gerry Wood , and former Chief Minister  Terry Mills’ Territory Alliance , all oppose the system.

The ACL supports the Nordic model of prostitution legislation which has been adopted by Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Canada, Northern Ireland, Ireland, France and Israel. The Nordic approach directly targets the demand for prostitution by criminalising the actions of pimps and buyers, rather than the actions of prostituted persons.


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