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QLD Attorney General fails to listen to the electorate

Parents have a right to have their children educated by those who are of their faith. Over 17,000 petitioners have asked the Queensland Parliament to support this right.

However, the Queensland Attorney General, Shannon Fentiman, has failed to listen to the concerns of these 17,000+ Queenslanders who have called on the Queensland Parliament to protect the rights of Christian Schools.

Mr Rob Norman the Australian Christian Lobby Queensland Director said today,

“The petition calls on the Queensland Parliament to reject Recommendation 39 of the Queensland Human Rights Commission’s (QHRC’s), ‘Building Belonging Review of Queensland’s Anti-Discrimination Act’. This recommendation removes the right of religious schools to hire staff who align with the school’s statement of belief and code of conduct.

“This recommendation would effectively allow the QHRC to decide which staff roles Christian schools are allowed to exclusively employ Christians.

“The Attorney General should listen to the 17,039 petitioners who can clearly see the problems with this glaring intrusion into Christian schools. The QHRC has completely ignored the rights of parents who expect Christians schools to deliver education from a Christian worldview.”

The Australian Christian Lobby calls on the Queensland Attorney General to reject Recommendation 39 of the QHRC’s ‘Building Belonging Review’ and allow religious schools to hire all staff in accordance with the tenets, beliefs, and code of conduct of the school.


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