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Qld government on wrong hymn sheet with more COVID-19 clamps on churches

Churches are questioning the fairness of Queensland’s roadmap to easing COVID-19 restrictions, surprised by increased restrictions on singing in a worship service.

“Gyms, sporting facilities, pubs, restaurants and churches all must adhere to one person per 4 square metres for overall attendance,” ACL Qld director Wendy Francis observed, “By contrast, because singing is common in almost all churches, the singing limits church attendance to one individual per 7 square metres.”

“Singing is integral to Christian worship. This new rule is confusing and discriminatory. What about karaoke in pubs, singing happy birthday in a restaurant or cheering at a sporting match? How can there be one law for a pub song or footy team song, but another for worshippers singing in church?

“Christians are not asking for special treatment, just consistency and fairness.”


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