Media Release

The Labor Government to Support Pimps

The Queensland Labor Government has revealed it is unfit to govern by declaring it will decriminalise pimping and profiteering from the abuse of vulnerable women by men. 

In committing to fully decriminalise prostitution, the Palaszczuk Government has shown it is prepared to sacrifice Queensland’s most vulnerable girls to fulfill men’s desires.

Queensland Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, Rob Norman, said,

“The full decriminalisation of prostitution removes all protections for women. Organised crime will run brothels and our most vulnerable kids will become victims of control and abuse.

“The only winners in this disastrous scenario are the pimps and crime bosses who control the sex industry.”

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) calls on the Queensland Government to abandon its plans for full decriminalisation. ACL also calls on the Opposition to stand by its Equality/Nordic model policy which protects those in prostitution, criminalises the pimps, and provides pathways out of prostitution for abused women and girls.


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