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Internal guidance document for Queensland schools fails the ‘Pub Test’

Aspects of the Queensland Department of Education and Training’s internal guidance document for staff regarding support for gender diverse children fail to pass the ‘Pub Test.’

The document outlines procedures that would shock most parents, including:

The document appears contradictory at times. It states that,

There is a legal requirement under the Public Records Act 2002 and the Information Privacy Act 2009 that public records are made and kept accurately. A student’s sex is required to be recorded so that the information can be supplied to the Australian Government Department of Education in compliance with funding reporting requirements under the Australian Education Act 2013.”

On the same page it states, “There is no requirement for formal school documentation (e.g. school reports, attendance records, roll marking records) to record the student’s legal name and sex.”

Queensland Political Director for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Rob Norman said,

“Recent examples of Australian schools introducing gender-mixed toilet facilities have been slammed by parents as ‘ridiculous’ and ‘a disaster waiting to happen’. Children’s rights are best protected when their parents/caregivers are kept fully informed regarding every aspect of their education.”

The ACL is calling on the Queensland Government Department of Education and Training to release their internal guidance document for public response from parents without delay.


Download the document

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