Media Release

Shocking abortion revelation – the lives of full term babies terminated

Serious questions are being raised following the shocking new revelation published in the Courier Mail that full term babies are being aborted in Queensland.

Qld Political Director for the Australian Christian Lobby, Rob Norman said,

Abortion is always a tragedy. The news of full term babies lives being terminated is horrific. The public absolutely deserves full transparency from Queensland Health on the numbers of late term abortions being performed, the criteria for deciding which babies are killed, and the methods used to perform late term abortion.

“The intentional killing of innocent human lives cannot be overlooked. These babies are human beings who deserve all the rights and protections a civilised society offers”.

The Australian Christian Lobby calls on the Queensland Government to order a review into the increasing numbers of late term abortions, including full transparency of the rationale, processes, and procedures for all abortions.


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