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Thousands defend the dignity of every life at Brisbane rally

Thousands of people attended the March for Life in Brisbane today to advocate on behalf of unborn babies. Senator Matt Canavan, Dr. Joanna Howe, Hon. Amanda Stoker, Wendy Francis and others addressed the vast crowd.

Wendy Francis, acting CEO for the Australian Christian Lobby, said,

“Last month, our federal Immigration Minister, Andrew Giles, reversed a deportation order for an Indian family who was going to be deported because their son, Aaryan, has Down Syndrome. By allowing them to stay, Mr Giles made it clear that people with Down Syndrome are not a burden on society, they are a blessing.

“Sadly, close to 70% of Australian babies who are diagnosed with Down Syndrome in the womb are aborted. This has come about because selective reproduction enables ordinary people to decide what kind of life is worth bringing into the world.

“But we here defend the inherent dignity of the human person,” Mrs Francis continued. “Whether you are a preborn baby, a newborn, an elderly person, or someone with disabilities and special needs, your life matters. If you are human, you deserve fundamental human rights. Everybody is somebody.”

ACL calls on the Queensland government to abandon proposals for tele-health abortion and tele-heath assisted suicide, which are reckless and will obviously lead to wrongful deaths.


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