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ABC fails women with erroneous abortion story

At least 6 of every 100 women who undergo medical abortions experience complications that need hospital care. Yet a recent ABC SA article paid short-thrift to this fatal risk and failed other obligations on non-commerciality, partiality and accuracy, the Australian Christian Lobby said today. 


Mr Christopher Brohier, the ACL State Director said “The ABC article promoted a commercial abortion service in the form of mail-order abortion. It did nothing to inform the public of the real risks of medical abortion and the rationale for not opening SA up to commercial abortion providers.


“The ABC also failed to provide any information for women faced with an unwanted pregnancy for pregnancy support services. Women deserve a genuine choice when confronted with an unplanned pregnancy.”

“Allowing DIY home abortions in remote locations will risk these women’s lives, with hospital care a real prospect. To suggest that it was safe for women to have medical abortions in their homes in country locations is dangerous on so many levels.”


“Children are now viable outside the womb from 23 or 24 weeks. The push to remove the current restriction (which is 28 weeks, not 22 weeks and 6 days as the ABC article suggested,) glosses over the fact that this will mean ending the lives of viable children.”

“South Australia should be seeking to have fewer abortions, not more. The Attorney-General’s proposed Bill to reform abortion law must have this as an objective.


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