Media Release

SA law must protect women and their unborn children

A 7-month-old child in the womb is a living human being and deserves our protection.

However, the Liberal Government’s Termination of Pregnancy Bill specifically provides for abortion up to and including birth.

Mr Christopher Brohier, the ACL SA Director, said, “This Bill is not a modest change to the law. It is an extreme abortion-to-birth bill. Babies viable outside the womb, right up to the final weeks of gestation, can be aborted under this bill.”

“The current position under SA law should not be changed, namely that after a child is capable of being born alive, abortion is only allowed if it is to preserve the life of the mother. Babies of 23-24 weeks’ gestation are now viable. There is no reason why such a child should not be able to live.”

ACL encourages members of parliament to exercise their conscience and oppose this abortion-to-birth bill.


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