Media Release

Senator Antic speaks again for the vulnerable

One of the greatest things a member of Parliament can do is to speak for the vulnerable.

Mr Christopher Brohier the SA State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby said today, “Senator Alex Antic spoke boldly on behalf of viable, unborn children in the Senate last night on Tuesday 10 November 2020.”

“Senator Antic told the Senate that prior to the SA election in 2018, the State Attorney General Vickie Chapman responded to a question from the ACL as to whether she would support reviewing the law in relation to when a baby is presumed to be able to born alive with these words:

‘A Marshall Liberal Government will not be introducing legislation on this issue.’

“Ms Chapman gave no indication at that time that she would sponsor a wholesale change to abortion law in SA and legislate for abortion to birth. She should have.”

ACL said state parliamentary members should heed Senator Antic’s closing call for them stand up for vulnerable unborn children and their mothers.

ACL calls on the SA Parliament to reject the proposal to allow abortion to birth.


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