Media Release

Open the church doors, shine light into lonely darkness

The freedom to meet and worship is not only a fundamental human right, it is also an essential community service sustaining spiritual, social and mental wellbeing. The Australian Christian Lobby supports Thursday’s call by Lifepoint Church to lift restrictions on worship meetings.

“Churches should have greater flexibility as we flatten the curve,” ACL SA Director Christopher Brohier said, “Particularly since the human rights of freedom of religion, worship and assembly are enlivened far more than in pubs, clubs or shops.”

“Loneliness is increasing and potentially dangerous – it is essential that the one institution that provides free fellowship and care – the church – can discharge its unique and vital role in society unhindered.”

The ACL called on the State Coordinator to lift the restrictions on worship meetings to 80 in the next two weeks and 100 by the end of June.


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