Media Release

Pro-women prostitution reform model gaining international acceptance – and welcome in Australia

Australian states have a ready-made solution on prostitution policy as the world’s best practice continues to roll out, with Israel joining the reform ranks in a fortnight’s time.

“On 19 July, Israel becomes the eighth nation to implement the Nordic model of prostitution law reform,” Australian Christian Lobby SA Director Christopher Brohier said. “The Nordic model is the most progressive and just prostitution law in the world. It targets demand and provides meaningful exit strategies for exploited people – mostly women – who are prostituted.

“The Australian Christian Lobby today called on the South Australian Parliament to build upon the excellent pro-women position taken last year when the Lower House conclusively rejected the Greens’ pro-pimp prostitution bill. 

“Some MPs’ speeches on that bill foreshadowed a possible South Australian Nordic Model Bill,” Mr Brohier said. “Those brave MPs who opposed the Greens’ model in 2019 should take the next step and introduce a Nordic model bill. South Australia has a reputation as leading social reformers, and this approach fits that bill.

“If the South Australian parliament were to pass a Nordic bill, it would be a decisive declaration that women are not commodities.”


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