Media Release

Rehashed Greens’ Prostitution Decriminalisation Bill will hurt Vulnerable Women

The decriminalisation of prostitution supports pimps and oppressive men and harms women. Despite the House of Assembly rejecting the decriminalisation of prostitution only 7 months ago, Greens MLC Tammy Franks has reintroduced a nearly identical version of her previous prostitution decriminalisation bill that was convincingly defeated in the Lower House.

“This ‘Groundhog Day’ Greens bill – just like the last – will only serve to oppress vulnerable women,” ACL SA director Christopher Brohier said. “The bill puts women at the mercy of pimps and increases the notion that women are commodities for men’s pleasure.”

“South Australia needs less prostitution, not more. We also need to direct all our attention to recovering from the COVID-19 crisis and helping prostituted women exit the industry. The Legislative Council must reject this Bill outright.”


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