Media Release

Senator Chandler is correct: keep women’s sport for women

“Women’s and girls’ sport should be exclusively for biological females,” Australian Christian Lobby state director Christopher Brohier said today, as the ACL supports Liberal Senator Claire Chandler’s call for Sport Australia to scrap guidelines which allow anyone identifying as a woman to play women’s sport.

Senator Chandler has also urged Sport Australia to take account of the medical evidence of the physical differences between males and females and to back single sex competitions for males and females.

“The push to allow biological males to play in female competitions runs the risk of having ‘girls erased’ as the physically stronger males can dominate. Parents may withdraw their children from competition,” Mr Brohier said, “Ideology must give way to biology.”

ACL supporters uphold the Christian, traditional and biological view on gender. The ACL calls on Sport Australia to amend its guidelines to be in step with community values.


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