Media Release

Basketball Victoria preserves the integrity of its women’s league

Basketball Victoria is to be commended for preserving the integrity of its women’s league by declining the application of the biologically male athlete, Lexi Rodgers, to compete in the female competition.

Christopher Brohier, National Political Director for the Australian Christian Lobby, said,

“No matter how hard you try to ignore the science, biological males have an irreducible physical advantage over biological females when it comes to sport.

“Basketball Victoria has done well to resist the pressure to ignore biological reality. In this case, they have demonstrated their commitment to fairness and the safety of female athletes.”

World Athletics, World Rugby, and FINA (world swimming’s governing body) have banned biological males who have gone through puberty from competing in women’s events.

ACL calls upon all Australian sporting codes to adopt the same policy in order to uphold fairness and safety, and to ensure that female sponsorships and other sporting opportunities are only granted to biological women and girls.


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