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Premier’s ‘Bigoted Quackery’ rhetoric does not fit the bill

There is a yawning gap between Daniel Andrews’ extreme rhetoric and the actual content of the Victorian Government’s ‘change and suppression’ bill, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

“If the Premier’s ‘change and suppression’ bill merely banned so-called ‘bigoted quackery,’ then nobody would stand against it,” said ACL managing director Martyn Iles.

“The Premier’s rhetoric is extreme and insulting because the Bill quite clearly bans perfectly innocent conduct by Victorians, including parents who want what’s best for their kids.”

“A Victorian parent who does not think irreversible hormone replacement therapy is best for their child is not a bigoted quack, yet that is what the bill bans, on the threat of jail.

“A Victorian who prays for someone at their request is not a bigoted quack, yet that is what the bill explicitly bans, on the threat of jail.”

“If Mr Andrews wants to ban bigoted quackery, then he needs to go back to the drawing board – this bill would jail parents, pastors and doctors for perfectly innocent conduct.”

“If Mr Andrews truly believes what he says, then he must also believe that 73% of Victorians are bigoted quacks because polling is showing they do not agree with the bans imposed by this bill. The Premier is holding Victorians in contempt,” said Mr Iles.

The Australian Christian Lobby joins parents, church leaders and civil liberty advocates in urging the Liberal Party and crossbench to reject the bill in the Legislative Council in February 2021.


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