Media Release

Dan Andrews’ Power-Grab Under Guise of Protection

Dan Andrews has shifted the provision of health services from a patient-doctor service to a tool of societal governance and control via the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021 according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

ACL’s Victorian Coordinator, Jasmine Yuen said: “It is undemocratic to give the Premier unlimited power to make a pandemic declaration even when there are no cases, or low disease transmission in the community.

“Allowing a Minister to then make pandemic orders to detain people, prohibit their gatherings and church attendance and require medical examinations or testing is unjustifiable.

“The Bill sets up a complete apparatus for a Police State, vesting power in one person, the Premier, and close associates of that person. Parliament is sidelined. Detention may occur arbitrarily. Rights are set aside. All of this is enforced by massive penalties.

“If this Bill passes, democracy and the rule of law in Victoria, is almost dead. Freedom, including religious freedom are close to extinguished.

“We call on the members of the Legislative Council to perform their role as a house of review when Parliament resumes in mid-November. They should reject this bill which undermines the rights of every Victorian, except Daniel Andrews,” said Ms Yuen.


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