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Human rights would be crushed by Victorian MP’s hospital demands

Founder of the Sex Party, Fiona Patten, is calling for the Victorian government to force religious hospitals to add abortion and assisted suicide to their services provided.

In a statement that contravenes human rights obligations, Ms Patten is urging a “No Right to Refuse” position, ending freedom of conscience rights for Victorian health providers.

Victorian Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Wendy Francis, said, “Victorian doctors who are conscientious objectors to killing unborn children, or innocent adults who are unwell, are already required under law to refer to another doctor who does not object. But this is not enough for Ms Patten who is demanding that the Victorian government force medical providers to act in contravention of what they believe is in the best interests of their patients.”

The Australian Human Rights Commission website clearly outlines our human rights responsibilities:

The right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion (which includes the freedom to hold beliefs) in article 18.1 is far-reaching and profound; it encompasses freedom of thought on all matters, personal conviction and the commitment to religion or belief, whether manifested individually or in community with others.

The ACL calls on the Victorian government to defend human rights and reject Ms Patten’s crushing of conscience.


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