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Liberals keep Deeming, but oppressively punish her for men’s actions

The Victorian Liberal Party has stopped short of expelling Moira Deeming MP and has instead given her an oppressive nine-month suspension for participating in a women’s rights rally that was hijacked by masked men using neo-Nazi signs.

While the decision to not expel Deeming is correct, the Victorian Liberal Party has shown that it stands for nothing. The nine-month suspension is an inappropriate and knee-jerk reaction which has no relationship to the alleged offence. No evidence was produced to link her to the group and she publicly testified that she has no affiliation with them.

Christopher Brohier, National Director of Politics for the Australian Christian Lobby said, “At a time when women’s rights, opportunities and spaces are being sacrificed to placate the Marxist queer theory movement, this was an important opportunity for the Victorian Liberal Party to take a stand.

“The decision to issue her with a nine-month suspension for the actions of masked men leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth. The Victorian Liberal Party leaves a lot to be desired in terms of defending women’s rights and basic freedoms.

“It is completely right for women to want their own bathrooms and changerooms, sporting teams and shelters. It is not impossible to define ‘women.’ Women must be given the right to speak. This witch-hunt should never have occurred. But at the very least, they have managed to retain, for now, one of their most valued women’s advocates.”

The ACL calls on Victorian Liberal Party to return to their Liberal values of the individual rights and freedoms of every person.


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