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Victorian schools and traditional parents targeted under cover of state of disaster

The Andrews government’s rainbow manifesto or ‘whole of government LGBTIQ Strategy’ applies baseless pressure on schools and churches, the Australian Christian Lobby said in its submission to the public consultation which closed yesterday.

“The manifesto has faith-based schools in its sights, taking away their freedom to employ people who share their ethos. The manifesto also seeks to ban ‘coercive conversion practices’ that the ACL also opposes in principle, but they are not happening in Victoria,” ACL state director Jasmine Yuen said, “In fact, what is becoming evident are the growing numbers of adults and adolescents wanting to de-transition or de-identify from a gender the Andrews government wants to lock in – and make it a crime to say otherwise.”

“A dangerously worded ‘conversion’ ban will attack Christian parents who teach and affirm their child’s biological gender, and their faith communities’ freedom to express their beliefs based on holy scriptures.

“It is brazen for the government to propose such bans when schools and parents are at high anxiety levels, returning to learning from home. Churches and religious groups are also highly stressed with an unprecedented restriction on their freedom to meet, delivering online services and reviewing their sustainability like every other organisation and business.

“The Andrews government must put a halt on this rainbow manifesto, or at least extend the public consultation for at least three more months. Nobody can take consultation seriously when it is conducted when those severely affected are under such duress.”

View ACL’s submission to the public consultation here.


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