Media Release

Double-standard on 7,000 strong Perth BLM protests while churches clamped

The Australian Christian Lobby wholeheartedly supports Margaret Court’s exposure of the double standards applied on one hand to Saturday’s local Black Lives Matter Rally and on the other hand to Western Australian churches.

Churches can only host 100 people in a single room, or 300 per venue, while outdoor gatherings have a 300 limit. Yet Saturday’s protest by a local chapter of the Marxist Black Lives Matter reportedly drew 7,000 people.

“Pro-life groups in the Coalition for the Defence of Human Life (including ACL) cancelled the 12 May annual Life Rally at State Parliament, because we value human life and respect for law and order,” ACL WA director Peter Abetz said. “If our rally of likely over 1,000 people had proceeded, police would have made arrests.”

“The Police Commissioner and the Premier need to be decisive and consistent. Either COVID-19 restrictions are still needed for public safety and apply equally to all, or they should be lifted in a consistent fashion.

“Otherwise, left-wing activist cells do as they please while law-abiding businesses, clubs and churches remain clamped down.”


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