Media Release

Perth Christmas resurrection hope gives Christians joy

The Australian Christian Lobby is delighted that a number of City of Perth Mayoral aspirants have committed to reinstating the much-loved Nativity Event.

The City’s interim Commissioners cancelled the Nativity event, stirring a massive public reaction.

“Perth residents sent over 1,200 emails and letters to the Commissioners, urging them to reinstate the popular Nativity event,” ACL WA director Peter Abetz said. “The Commissioners chose to ignore this. They dismissed a similar petition that garnered 7,000 signatures.”

“The Commissioners and City staff had an agenda to dump the Nativity Event – it was already mooted in the City’s ‘Culture Development Plan 2019–2029’ released last year.

“I am thankful that most of the mayoral candidates could see through the Commissioners’ feeble COVID-19 smokescreen. The Mayoral candidates thankfully are not as beholden to political correctness as the City Commissioners, who are on public record saying the event was not sufficiently ‘inclusive’.

“The election is in less than six weeks’ time. There is still time for the Nativity to be resurrected. If the Nativity is reinstated, it will be a real victory for people power and recognition by the new Mayor and councillors that the people of Perth reject political correctness and cancel culture.”


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