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McGowan government makes right drug policy call, must focus on prisons rehab

The Australian Christian Lobby today commended the McGowan government for rejecting radical parliamentary committee recommendations to establish injecting rooms, pill testing, home-grown cannabis, and prison needle exchange programs.

“The McGowan Government is providing national leadership on these issues,” ACL WA director Peter Abetz said. “Those four recommendations from the Select Committee into Alternate Approaches to Reducing Illicit Drug Use and its Effects on the Community do nothing to help people stop using illicit drugs but simply help maintain their addiction. These substances are illicit because they are dangerous.”

“The ACL also commends the Government for committing to providing more drug rehabilitation programs for prisoners. The Select Committee’s finding that only 10% of prisoners discharged from a drug possession related sentence complete a rehab focused program, highlights the urgency of the Government’s response to those findings.


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