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ACL urges legislators to be conscious of serious VAD consequences

The Australian Christian Lobby has written an open letter to Members of the Legislative Council as the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2019 approaches a critical vote, urging them to respect the conscience of doctors, and family and kinship impacts of poorly-drafted VAD laws.

“The provision of a lethal substance to a person – or knowingly facilitating their access to such a substance so they can end their life – is forbidden by all major religious traditions, including Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Judaism and Hinduism,” writes Rev. Peter Abetz, ACL’s WA Director and former state member of parliament.

“Despite doctors having a conscientious objection, the Bill requires them to be an accessory to a person’s suicide by providing documentation that spells out how they can access physician-assisted suicide. This is a serious violation of the civil rights of medical practitioners.”

The open letter urges that the Bill not pass, or failing that, substantial amendments be made to reduce family and Aboriginal kinship impacts and to protect the vulnerable.

The full open letter is available from Peter Abetz at [email protected]


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