Media Release

Nordic Model Prostitution Legislation Will Protect Vulnerable Women

The Australian Christian Lobby is concerned calls for full decriminalisation of prostitution by a Victorian Sex Workers group will allow unlicensed brothels to flourish.

 State director Dan Flynn said, “The move to see prostitution completely decriminalised in Victoria, particularly to legalise street work and allow unlicensed brothels to operate is alarming for a number of reasons.” 

“Decriminalisation always leads to increased demand, which then fuels human sex trafficking. A failed decriminalisation experiment in Holbeck Leeds, England last year shows that demand for prostitution expanded once legislation was passed which resulted in more trafficked women and girls.” 

“Any conversation regarding prostitution legislation must include the internationally successful Nordic Approach which has been implemented in some of the most socially progressive countries including France, Canada, Sweden Ireland, and Northern Ireland,” commented Mr Flynn.

“This is a model which acknowledges that the majority of women in prostitution want to exit the industry. The legislation criminalises the buyer which also helps to protect vulnerable women from coercion, trafficking, and abuse.” 

“The United States’ 2018 Trafficking in Persons Report, reveals Australia is a human trafficking destination country for women and girls predominantly for prostitution.  These women need protection which can never be provided by decriminalisation.”   

The Australian Christian Lobby will continue to advocate for the implementation of Nordic style prostitution legislation in Victoria to protect vulnerable women.  

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