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NSW Health Minister Blind to Obvious Medical Scandal?   

The NSW Health Minister’s refusal to address glaring record-keeping deficiencies at Maple Leaf House, a regional gender clinic, has triggered significant concern regarding patient safety and transparency in the healthcare system.  

Maple Leaf House, which opened just two years ago, recorded 443 new referrals in 2023 and attended to 983 patients, a stark contrast to Sydney’s Westmead gender clinic, which saw only 63 new referrals and 149 patients in the same year. Despite the clinic having significantly more referrals there is a worrying absence of data on cross-sex hormone prescriptions and basic patient demographics, including natal sex. 

Joshua Rowe, the NSW/ACT State Director for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), pointed out the obvious risks associated with such poor record-keeping: “The absence of detailed records at Maple Leaf House violates fundamental principles of medical oversight and patient safety. Without knowing how many patients are prescribed cross-sex hormones or understanding their background, it is nearly impossible to ensure proper care and accountability. 

The inconsistency in clinical practices between Maple Leaf House and Westmead is alarming.” Mr. Rowe further explained, “Westmead’s pediatric endocrinologists have reportedly been refusing to prescribe puberty blockers for much of the past year, yet Maple Leaf House continues to operate with inadequate data and unclear protocols, creating a heightened risk of patient harm. This is especially concerning in a field as contentious and uncertain as gender-affirming care.” 

Despite these serious issues, NSW Health Minister Ryan Park has declined to address the problems at Maple Leaf House, even though his role is to ensure the safety and health of NSW residents. Mr. Rowe remarked, “It’s disappointing that the Health Minister refuses to acknowledge what can only be described as a medical scandal at Maple Leaf House. The refusal to take action raises doubt about the government’s commitment to patient safety and transparency.” 

The ACL calls on NSW Health to take immediate steps to rectify the deficiencies at Maple Leaf House. This includes conducting a thorough and independent inquiry into all gender services across the state to ensure patient safety and proper oversight. 

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