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NT Health Blind to Obvious Medical Scandal  

NT’s Health Minister Selena Uibo has failed to address the growing medical scandal occurring in the Northern Territory.  

On the 10th of April 2024 the Cass review was published exposing the shocking lack of evidence supporting puberty suppression in children.  

This review has instigated bans on puberty blockers in the UK and Ireland – while France, Finland and Sweden face pressure to follow suit. The Netherlands has called for fresh research into the impact of puberty blockers on adolescent physical and mental health. Belgian pediatricians and psychiatrists are calling for a similar public response.  

Nicholas Lay, NT Director for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), said “While the world moves away from the use of gender medicine now known to cause harm in children, The Northern Territory seems to be adamant that there’s nothing to see here.” 

An FOI submitted by the ACL seeking to know how many children are presenting with Gender Dysphoria in the NT, and how many are being treated with Puberty Blockers, Hormone treatment and Surgical Options.  

The Department of Health NT responded on the 17th of May 2024 saying that “the information does not exist”. 

Nicholas Lay continued, “While the UK has published the largest systematic review of evidence in the world, the most authoritative piece of evidence, NT Health doesn’t even know how many children have Gender Dysphoria and whether they are being prescribed puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones or have engaged in surgical options. This would seem to be a shocking derogation of duty. With the admission of the lack of clinical data available in the NT, the NT must follow the UK’s approach in banning puberty blockers for children until the research can be done, as in the UK”. 

The ACL calls for the Northern Territory to follow the UK’s lead in protecting our children from harm by immediately suspending all gender transition treatments and initiating an inquiry into best practices for Territorians experiencing gender dysphoria. 

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