Media Release

Offensive Camper Vans Might Soon Be Banned Nationally

The Australian Christian Lobby welcomes news that Victorian Roads Minister Jaala Pulford is calling for both state and federal counterparts to ban the extremely offensive Wicked camper vans across Australia.

“We have been campaigning against Wicked Camper Vans for years,” commented state director Dan Flynn.  

“The offensive, violent and degrading slogans that are consistently promoted on these vans should not be allowed on our roads any longer.” 

Three states have already banned the registration of these vans and South Australia is also considering similar legislation, however, unless a national approach is taken it’s likely these vans will continue to appear across Australia. 

“It’s time for a national response to this blatant use of shock tactics which negatively impact our community. Nobody – let alone children should have to see these kinds of offensive messages on roads and in public places like camping grounds.” 

“Companies must be required to adhere to a better standard. Offensive and discriminatory slogans should never be so blatantly displayed on Australian Roads” said Mr Flynn. 

The Australian Christian Lobby urges state and federal road ministers to support Ms Pulford to remove these offensive slogans once and for all from vehicles all across Australia. 

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