Media Release

QLD government abortion legislation protects no one

Proposed legislation by the Queensland government today to allow abortions on unborn children who can feel pain has been opposed by the Australian Christian Lobby. 

ACL Queensland director Wendy Francis said; “With modern imaging technology, the age-old lie that an unborn child is simply ‘a blob of tissue’ or ‘just a foetus’ has now been exposed for what it is.” 

“We now know that by 8 weeks the unborn child already reacts to touch, and that they are also capable of experiencing pain by 20 weeks, if not earlier.” 

Doctor’s rights will also be trampled on, as they will be forced to refer women for abortion. This will remove a health practitioners ability to take matters of conscience into account in order to provide holistic care for the woman.  

The proposed legislation does nothing to combat reproductive coercion, which we know is an insidious form of violence against women.  

“We know from recent cases in Australia that women are being coerced into having a baby or indeed to end a baby’s life. 

“It is worrying to see that this proposed legislation has no provisions or safeguards to ensure that no form of coercion takes place.” Wendy Francis said. 

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