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Palaszczuk Government bulldozes sex based rights

The Parliament has voted along partisan lines to conflate gender and sex in its new Births, Deaths, and Marriages Registration Amendment Bill.

The Labor majority has bulldozed this anti-science, anti-women, anti-family bill into law even though a clear majority of submissions, including experts and women’s groups, were against the bill, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

Rob Norman, ACL’s Queensland State Director said,

“The passage of the chronically unpopular, sex self-ID bill is symptomatic of a government that has stopped listening to the majority of Queenslanders. It also demonstrates the failure of Queensland’s committee system and begs the question, ‘Where has our Upper House gone?’

“During debate, Shadow Attorney General, Tim Nicholls, said, ‘The committee received 385 submissions: 170 were supportive, but 208 were not. The majority of those submissions did not support the bill—seven were unclear. Despite the very real concerns about the bill and its consequences being raised by such a large number of expert and well-informed stakeholders, the committee proceeded to recommend the bill proceed and be passed.’

“ACL calls on the Queensland Labor Government to return to its roots and listen to ordinary people with families who are left dismayed. Further, the Government must now introduce bills to protect women and ensure parental rights are protected from the unintended consequences of this bill,” Mr Norman said.

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