Media Release

Queensland Labor’s push for euthanasia

Labor’s culture of death is a growing concern with a new push for euthanasia legislation to be considered by parliament ‘as a matter of urgency’.   

Wendy Francis, the Australian Christian Lobby’s state director said; “It is concerning to see Labor’s legislative agenda focus so heavily on who gets to live and who must die.   

“Unsatisfied with the radical abortion legislation already before parliament which allow a child to be aborted up to 22 weeks with no reason – and after that for social reasons, the Labor Left are now calling for an inquiry into assisted suicide laws.  

“Recent statistics from the WA and SA Health Departments show an increase in post 20-week abortions for “foetal anomalies” and “foetal reasons” – mainly Down syndrome. It is evident from these statistics that the disabled community is being increasingly targeted.  

“This marginalisation will only continue with the introduction of euthanasia legislation and will also put pressure on elderly and vulnerable people which is an incredibly dangerous path.” 

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